Dimitry Braverman


Hello and welcome to my online home.

Thank you for the opportunity to introduce myself. This site is my personal blog where I write about topics that interest me and a little bit about myself :)

Studying and applying math has always been an important part of my life. I grew up in a family of engineers in the Soviet Union, which exposed me to math and science very early in life. Back then, Soviet math and engineering schools were the best in the world. As a kid, I went to a math school and later graduated from Odessa State University with a Master's degree in Applied Mathematics. My favorite subjects were Linear Algebra, Mathematical Optimization, and Cluster Analysis.

This naturally led to my current interest in artificial intelligence, especially in areas of neural networks and unsupervised learning. I like to share my passion for math and even taught math at the Russian School of Mathematics. My other interests include math, foreign languages, and optical illusions.

In this blog, I follow topics related to my professional activities in Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics, and Data Visualization. I have always been fascinated by languages. As Charlemagne said, "To have a second language is to have a second soul". I am fluent in English, Russian, and Ukrainian. I also flirted with Italian and Spanish, although I am very far from being fluent. For me, a language is like an acquaintance who could become a friend as you get to know it better.

I love the San Francisco Bay Area which became my second home. I enjoy the warm "eternal spring" climate with no winter, but even more importantly, I admire the open, friendly people who come here from every corner of the Earth.

My skills


BP Company North America Inc. Contract

Sep 2019 – Present Employment Duration10 mos

As a Data Engineer for Downstream Truck Logistics team I build applications that provide visibility to all stages of fuel movements from origin to each individual site.
My responsibilities include:.
• Model Common Data Domain for consumption by report developers.
• Write Spark SQL and Python transformations to ingest csv files from multiple vendors into Palantir Data Lake.
• Create and schedule jobs to build Palantir datasets.
• Build PowerBI Data Models for reporting.

Principal Consultant

Wipro Digital Full-time Jan 2019 – Present Employment Duration1 yr 6 mos

As a Principle Consultant I design, build and maintain multiple client offerings.
I provide technical expertise and guidance for other team members, support the sales team, and make individual contributions to the product development.
My responsibilities include:

Business Intelligence Developer

University of California Office of the President Jan 2019 – Present 2017 – Jan 2019 Employment Duration 2 yrs

As a Business Intelligence developer, I am responsible for building ETL packages utilizing the full stack of Microsoft SQL Server technologies. My responsibilities include
* Create SSIS ETL packages to extract, transform and load data from a variety of sources into a Data Warehouse and based on that data produce flat files for import into HCM system
* Develop and optimize Stored Procedures, Views, and User-Defined Functions to extract data from multiple data sources
* Create and Schedule SQL Jobs with SQL Server Agent to run daily data imports
* Maintain and populate star schema data warehouse
* Create and process OLAP cubes with SSAS
* Design Microsoft Power BI reports based on OLAP cubes

Senior Database Developer

Adiona LP Dates Employed 2015 – 2017 Employment Duration 2 yrs

Adiona LP is a dynamic travel agency, specializing in providing custom tours and experiences for the travelers to the country of Georgia. My responsibilities included:
* Design Logical Model and DML scripts to create database schema and database objects for on-line travel booking system
* Develop Stored Procedures, User Defined Functions, Views and TSQL Scripts to implement complex business logic.
* Optimize database by creating various clustered, non-clustered indexes and indexed views.
* Provide performance monitoring, tuning and index optimization
* Perform Debugging of Stored Procedures to improve error handling
* Manage SQL instances at Google Cloud Platform


  • 2011 – 2011Data Warehouse/Business Intelligence Lifecycle in Depth Dates attended or expected graduation

    Kimball University This Kimball University course prepares to successfully implement DW/BI environment by distilling the essential elements of the popular Kimball approach. This course is packed with specific techniques, guidance and advice from initial project planning through deployment and maintenance.
  • 2010 – 2010Dimensional Modeling in Depth

    This class covered practical dimensional modeling techniques from basic to advanced patterns and best practices, including conformed dimensions, slowly changing dimensions, junk dimensions, mini-dimensions, bridge tables, periodic and accumulating snapshot fact tables
  • 2010 – 20101990 – 1995Master's Degree - Applied Mathematics

    Master's Degree - Applied Mathematics


Power BI report and training on use of Chord visual to depict Lexical Similarity

Power BI report and training on use of Force Directed visual to depict Lexical Similarity